Yr 3 / 4 Dementia Friends Talk

On Tuesday, we had a Dementia Friends talk.  Dementia is a disease where you don’t just forget things but you lose some brain cells.  We learnt that if you have dementia all your recent memories go, but those from years ago will stay. During the session we played a game. Firstly, we had to read some cards about how we get dressed and then put these in order. The order we had was different to the one on the sheet, but that is because everyone might do things differently. We then sat in a circle and passed the ball of wall to each action that needed to take place. Then, Mrs Squire cut the ‘brain path’ to one of the actions. This is what it is like if you have dementia, sometimes you cannot remember the basic things like how to get dressed in a certain order. After that, Mrs Squire asked if we would like to be a Dementia Friend, if we agreed, we had to write on a sheet to pledge how we could help people with dementia and how we would wear our badge with pride.

By Tilly, Jack and Lily