Year 6 Rockley Residential

Day 1

After leaving school, we arrived at Rockley and were greeted by glorious sunshine. We dropped our bags off in the centre and had a little nosey at where we would be sleeping before heading down to the beach for lunch.

The afternoon was spent acclimatising ourselves with the water temperature! We had a go at Wayfarer sailing but also made time to have a little splash about too.  I’m sure some of the boats seemed to end up with rather a lot of water in them!  Many of the children took to sailing like ducks to water so it’ll be great to see how they fair with the Pico boats on Friday – we might have a bit of competition on our hands!  After the enjoyment of the sailing is the tricky task of getting the boats back out of the water; the children’s teamwork paid off when it came to hauling the boats back up onto dry land.

In the evening we were treated to a hog roast on the beach before we tried our hand at crabbing. Mr Mitchell became very competitive – the concentration on his face was unrivalled!  Tomorrow’s activities will hopefully include paddle boarding and kayaking … we just need to get them all off to sleep at a decent time first!