Sports Day 2017 Round Up

Sports day 2017 started off with KS1 sprint then kS2 sprint. After that we had KS1 and KS2 hurdles.  After a while we did the round robin where it is football dribbling, egg and spoon, bean-bag and vortex howler for KS2 and javelin for KS1. After an enjoyable time of round robin we moved on to KS1 dressing up race, then KS2 skipping, and finally KS1 and two sack races, which went on for a long time!

We ended up with the relay and of course the results. It was tight between Patrick and Andrew but Patrick just got the win. And now it is down to the results. In 4th place with 29 points was David and in 3rd place 35 points was George but in 2nd place with 37 points was Patrick which leaves Andrew with 38 points in 1st place. Also that means Patrick lose their 11 year streak of sports day. It didn’t really matter if anyone lost, we just had fun taking part and having an ice lolly at the end. I’d like to thank the PTFA for making a brilliant cake stall.