Class 3 Trip to Seaton Wetlands – By Class 3

On Monday 17th July, Class 3 set out on an exciting adventure to Seaton Wetlands. Miss Squire took the register and we began our journey in the mini bus with Mr Evans as our chauffeur. When we arrived, we met Penny who works for the Wetlands and was looking after us. She gave us a piece of card with boring, dull caterpillars and a piece of double sided tape across the centre. She set us a mission, our mission if we wish to take it was to create the prettiest, caterpillar bursting with colour. Whilst walking to our base, we collected different colours from the hedgerow and stuck them onto our caterpillar. Some children, Jacob, decided a large dock-leaf was going to become the caterpillar’s hat, whereas others used smaller more delicate items.

When we arrived at our base, we had a quick snack and began our bug hunting and pond dipping. The year 3’s were the  first to take part in the mini-beast hunt, using large pillow case like nets to catch an amazing range of grass hoppers, this soon became a competition! We learned the difference between grass hoppers and crickets; crickets have long antennas and grass hoppers have shorter ones. Meanwhile, the year 4’s went with Mrs Parkhouse and began pond dipping. They caught a range of different bugs and fish from the pond. We were surprised to find a; water stick insect, water scorpion and baby newts. 45 minutes later the year groups swapped over.

Finally, after another 45 minutes, skillfully we washed our hands with lots of soap and ate a delicious lunch at our base. It was then time for free time, to run off some energy before we learnt how to meditate and listen to the sounds around us. Next, we transformed into Bumble Bees.

Bumble Bees became the focus of our game. We were given pipets and in teams we had to collect the most nectar from the flowers on the field, the year 4’s were victorious!! During the second game, a member of each team had to run and find a flower that was full of nectar (aka water and food colouring), they then danced to their team in an attempt to show them where the nectar was. The year 3’s this time took the championship.

Lastly, we had a chance to create our own Nature Reserve. We used; tin foil, soil, grass, stones, cardboard and nature. These were excellent and we used our knowledge of habitats to create a safe environment to keep bugs.

Over all, it was a fantastic day. Lots of fun was had and even a few things were learnt!! Thank you to Penny and Seaton Wetlands for having us, I’m sure we will be back again very soon.