Stockland Cross Country – 22.11.17

We saw another successful, if not slightly dark and cold, Stockland this week, with all children striving to beat their scores from last time. During the evening, we lost and found two trainers, got covered in mud and found lots of our children in the top 20.  Well done to Alfie and Charlie who both beat their scores last time to come 15th and 19th in the year 3/4 boys race. Followed by a special well done to Roman, who truly gave the race everything he had and achieved an astonishing 14th in a very tough category (year 5/6 boys). Congratulations to every single child, especially Sophie and Corey for completing your first Stockland Cross Country race. Thank you again, goes to all the parents for helping us transport the children. Let’s hope the next race is lighter and warmer!!