Class 1

Welcome to Class 1; Reception and Year 1 children

In Class 1, we aim to support our children to have a fluid transition and make a fantastic start to their primary school journey at Beer. We have lots of fun in our classroom and outdoor space by learning through play and acquiring the key skills of reading and writing in our daily phonic sessions. We then nurture this learning with a love of books and reading and apply by practising the physical skills and use of phonics needed to become a writer. We use hands on activities to develop our maths skills and explore other areas of learning through observation and investigation. We have opportunities to use our imaginations and be creative by exploring our own interests and through teacher directed activities.

Year 1 have the extra challenge of completing specific ‘jobs to do’ whilst continuing to follow their own ideas which we have encouraged from the start. “I like the painting ‘jobs to do.” Beatrice

We encourage independence and ‘having a go’, whilst also working together and respecting each other so we can all learn with the support of our friends.

Recent Events: 

Pond Dipping Trip to Pecorama – 21.6.19

Last Friday, Class 1 went pond dipping at Lake Charlotte in Peco. The weather was extremely kind to us and we benefitted from the wide knowledge of Kate Ponting, Countryside Learning for Clinton Devon Estates. We were shown moths that Kate had caught previously and thought about the differences between moths and butterflies and looked at the abundance of wild flowers. Most excitement was generated by the pond dipping from which we found tadpoles, froglets, a newt and whirligig beetles amongst other creatures. When not pond dipping, the children had opportunity to make a butterfly and explore the area. Great fun was had by all. A huge thank you to Kate Ponting and Peco for supporting this brilliant experience for the children.

We have had a busy couple of weeks out and about. I would like to thank the parents that accompanied us to the athletics festival last week and those that accompanied us on this trip. As always, the staff are fantastic in their support for these events too so thank you to them also.

As the year is drawing to a close, I would like to thank everybody who has helped with our first hand experiences whether visiting the zoo and the caves, sporting events, providing contacts for the flat people project, posting letters and everything else we have done which could not take place without the continued support of parents/carers. These are memories that the children will have forever and so enrich the curriculum.

Local Artist Visit

Following our visit to Paignton Zoo, we had an exciting visit from local artist Emma Molony (Johnny’s mum) ably assisted by Mel Adkin (Lenny’s mum). The children had a great time printing zoo animals by first drawing and cutting out their chosen animal. They added leaves to create a background and then used a paint roller to add paint and finally put through the press. They used several colours to create great effects. The animals were then peeled off and mounted to create a zoo scene. See some examples of the prints below. A huge thank you to Emma and Mel for all their hard work and for giving the children such a creative experience.

Harvest Service

As part of the school harvest festival, Class 1 were up first and explained about the importance of soil. Ten Year 1 children volunteered to read aloud, which is quite an undertaking to do for the first time with a packed church. I was very proud. All the children practised really hard to learn the song ‘I’m a clever tractor’ complete with actions and performed it with gusto. A special mention for Reception as this was their first school public performance. To add to the effect, they were all dressed as farmers – well done everybody!

To link with the ‘I’m a clever tractor’ song, the children enjoyed sponge painting tractors and trailers to show ‘Bringing home the harvest’. They were displayed in the church, the hall or the classroom.


Paignton Zoo

As part of our topic ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’, we enjoyed a visit to Paignton Zoo with Class 2. We were blessed with a gorgeous October day when even jumpers and cardigans were not required! Everybody coped brilliantly with the journey and enjoyed exploring the zoo. Below are some of the wonderful animals we saw which gave first-hand experience which we can use to support our learning.


Key information

Key activities Who is in Class 1 Home Learning
Monday Phonics and Maths

Introduce learning for the week, Independent learning

Mrs Martin (all day)

Mrs Fitzgerald (all day)


Tuesday Phonics, Maths, PE, Show and Tell, Independent learning Mrs Martin (am) Mr Bailey & Mrs Teasdale (pm)

Mrs White (am)

Miss Newton (all day)

Wednesday Phonics, English, PHSE, Music/PE, Independent learning Mrs Timmins (all day)

Mrs White (am)

Miss Newton (all day)

Thursday Phonics, English, Magic Maths, RE, Independent learning Mrs Martin (all day)

Mrs Fitzgerald (all day)

Friday Phonics, English, Magic Maths, Independent learning Mrs Martin (all day)

Mrs Fitzgerald (am and shared with Class 2 pm)


Year 1


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