Class 3

Welcome to Class 3.  We are a mixed Year 3/4 class.

Our aim is to help the children to acclimatise to a change in expectations from KS1 and to become more independent, pro-active learners. We believe learning in an inspiring, fun way helps the children to engage in their learning and develop positive learning behaviours.  As Gemma (Y3) explained: “We are the best class in the world; we learn lots and have fun doing it.”

Within the classroom, we continually promote and praise the achievement of the school values as “We are kind class who try to always follow the 6 values and continuously try to do our best!” Eleanor (Y4)


“Our topic this term is Food Glorious Food.  So far, we have learned about; air miles, pollution, the digestive system, teeth, bones, muscles, balanced diet and food groups.” Gabby (Y4)

“At the moment, we really enjoy learning our times tables using Fast Maths.” Lulu (Y4)


“I love running in the cross-country races at Stockland.” Darcie (Y3)

“We are a really sporty class who love all sports events, such as sport day when mum and dad can come and watch.” Alfie (Y4)

People who help us

Miss Squire is our class teacher.

We also have lots of people who help us in the classroom: Mrs Reed comes and hears us read on a Friday, Mr Simier teaches us French on a Thursday afternoon, Mrs Moughton helps us with our key skills, Mrs Brown teaches us Spelling and Grammar whilst Aaron and Mrs Teasdale help us to learn.  (Anthony – Y4)

“Miss Squire is the best!  It is a joy to learn in her class.” Thomas (Y4)


Our topics this year – 2018 – 2019


Autumn Spring Summer
World War Two

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Roving Romans

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Ancient Egyptians

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2017 – 2018

Autumn Spring Summer
Pole to Pole

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Food Glorious Food

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Traders and Raiders

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Day Key activities Who is in class? Home learning
Monday Spelling Activity, Literacy, Maths, Topic, Collective Worship. Miss Squire, Mrs Moughton, Mr Simier (am).
Tuesday Spelling Activity, Literacy, Maths, Topic, Collective Worship. Miss Squire and Mr Simier (am).
Wednesday Collective Worship, Literacy,  Maths, Science, ICT. Miss Squire and Mr Simier (am). Homework club available 3:30pm – 4:30pm.
Thursday Collective Worship, Literacy,  Maths, PE, French. Miss Squire, Mrs Teasdale, Mr Simier and Mr Bailey. Homework is due in.
Friday Spelling Activity, Club 55, Spelling test, RE, PE, Golden Time. Miss Squire, Mr Simier (am). Homework is handed out.