Class 4



In Class 4 we enjoy our learning. We grow in independence, take responsibility for our learning and take pride in the work we produce.

We aim to develop curiosity, ask lots of questions and take an interest in the world around us. We follow our school values: Courage, Thoughtfulness, Thankfulness, Truthfulness, Humility and Friendship in order to become well-rounded individuals that care for each other and treat people with respect.

Everyone is valued and encouraged to be the best we can be.

Here are some things our children say about our class:

“I like Class 4 because we do things that everyone can join in with.” Sienna (Y6)

“We get to do lots of fun topic work.” Jake (Y6)

Our Topics

  Autumn Spring Summer
Cycle A Incredible Journeys


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Stones and bones


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Gods and Mortals


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Cycle B Awesome ancestors




Local Study




Discovering the Americas




Key information

Key Activities Who is in Class 4 Home Learning Other
Monday English, Maths and Topic Mr Evans (all day)

Mrs Fitzgerald (all day)

Yoga sessions pm
Tuesday Grammar/Spelling, Maths, RE, PSHE Mrs Brown (all day)

Mrs Teasdale (am)

Wednesday English, Maths and Topic Mr Evans (all day)

Mrs Teasdale(am)

Homework club available  until 4:30
Thursday English, Maths, PE, French Mr Evans (am)

Mrs Teasdale (am)

Mr Bailey (pm)

Mr Simier (pm)

Homework due in
Friday English, Maths, Topic Mr Evans (all day)

Mrs Teasdale (am)

Homework set Golden time

Topic includes: History, Geography, Science, Art, Music, DT