Anglo Saxon Projects – Class 4

Over the last 6 weeks, Class 4 have been creating projects in groups about Anglo Saxons.  We each took a role that an Anglo Saxon would have done in their village such as blacksmith, carpenter, farmer and curist.  This week, we gathered our projects together and displayed them in the hall for the rest of the school to see.  When each class came into the hall it was very exciting as they were interested in our work and all the facts we have learned.  They all seemed to particularly enjoy the food that had been baked, such as honey shortbread, bread, apricot flapjack and cress.  By Jasmine and Bella

Beer Quarry Caves Trip – classes 1 & 2

Classes 1 & 2 enjoyed a visit to Beer Quarry Caves to find out about the formation and history of the caves and its link to smuggling. Having found out about how limestone is formed, hard hats were donned for a guided tour of the caves where they learned about how the caves have changed through the ages and how the rock was mined. They were amazed to hear that children, not much older than themselves, would have been working in the cold, damp, smoky conditions. We were fortunate to see bats hibernating and the children made their own model bats.  A great big thank you, to Karen and the team for making us so welcome and for providing a ‘mine’ of information!

We have had a fantastic time away on our residential at River Dart Country Park. When we arrived, the children did a series of activities on the adventure playground. After lunch, we all took part in raft building, learning how to tie various knots to hold the raft together. Then the children all got on their rafts and paddled in the lake, which was great fun!  In the evening, we went on a walk into the woods and built dens, toasted marshmallows and sang camp songs.
Today, we have climbed up poles, balanced along beams, built a tower out of crates and whizzed down a zip wire!
The children have behaved impeccably and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience; the bunks in the dorms were great fun to sleep in! We have finally managed to wear them out, but everyone wanted to stay another day and the food was delicious!

Comic Relief 2019

Thank you for supporting this great cause and wearing red/non-uniform in return for a small donation.  We have counted the money from the sale of red noses and roughly totalled the donations – so far you have all helped to raise £291 (which includes £175 from red noses) – Well done everyone!  We still have this afternoon’s cake sale donation to add to this and will let you all know the final total next week.

Red Nose recycling – We will be collecting in any unwanted/broken red noses which will be taken to Sainsburys for recycling.

World Book Day Celebrations

Today the children have been working in their house groups to enjoy books around some of the UK’s most endangered species.

Bats:  David house have shared the book ‘ Bat loves the Night’ by Nicola Davies. Some children wrote information books on bats in groups. They worked beautifully together and produced some informative texts. Some children wrote a fact file choosing interesting facts about bats.  Other children chose to make bats using hand prints and spilt pins whilst some children wrote descriptive sentences inspired by the book we shared. They illustrated them with pictures using pastels, pencils and crayons.

Bees:  George house have had a beeeautiful morning, buzzily listening to the story of ‘The Bee Who Spoke’ by Al MacCuish and watching the story of ‘Bee and Me’ by Ellie J MacGuiness.  The children learned about how important bees are for our survival and made posters, life cycle pinwheels, bees and worked on fact sheets.

Dormice:  Andrew house read the story of ‘The Very Noisy Night’ where a mouse is worried by noises which make his fears and imagination run wild. The children used their imagination to think of other things the little mouse might be scared of and drew it in a thought bubble. On a separate page, they drew what it really was, for instance rain, passing cars etc. and made this into a ‘flap’ picture. We looked at 10 things you might not know about dormice and watched an instructional clip of how make a dormouse which the children did to finish the morning. Thank you to all the children for their support of each other and enthusiasm.

Hedgehogs:  Patrick house were Hedgehogs. We looked at why hedgehogs were endangered, where their habitats were and what their features were. We then wrote up the facts we had learned. We also made bookmarks out of Fimo and read a couple of stories: ‘Mrs Tiggywinkle’ by Beatrix Potter and ‘A Winter Hedgehog’ by Ann and Reg Cartwright.

Gardening Club

The first session went very well; we cleared the veg patch, tidied the compost bin area, finished the herb garden display and started the bug hotel – we look forward to more fun next week!

Stockland Cross Country – 13th February 2019

We expected sunshine but we got lots of mud instead! On Wednesday afternoon 12 children from KS2 competed in their 3rd Stockland Cross Country of the season. Everyone did brilliantly; a few falls but no one lost any trainers in the very full bogs. They all looked especially smart in their new team kit kindly donated by Mark Bailey of Sporting Chance.
Special congratulations go to Darcie who paced her race brilliantly to take 1st place in the year 3/4 girls section.
The next Stockland event is on 27th March and the whole team is excited to continue their strong performances.

Class 4’s Trip to Escot’s Saxon Village – 22.1.19

On Tuesday, class 4 visited Escot’s Saxon Village.  Everyone enjoyed dressing up as Anglo-Saxons and learning all about their lifestyle.  This included woodwork, bread making and jewellery.  We even got to bring back our very own Saxon broach that we made ourselves at the forge.  There was also lots of animals that we got to see on our way round, such as wolves, lynxes and owls.  Even though it was very cold, everyone enjoyed the experience and would love to go again.   By Anna – year 6.

Christmas Nativity & Carol Service

On Monday 17th December our school went down to St Michael’s Church and performed an excellent carol service and nativity play.  Class 4 did the readings while class 1 created the nativity tableau.  We sang traditional Christmas songs which included Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Little Donkey and Away in a Manger.  It was lovely to see mums, dads and grandparents joining in with us for these carols.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Father Christmas’ Fairytale Journey

On Friday 7th and Monday 10th December, classes 1 – 4 did a Christmas performance in front of the parents.  The children looked wonderful in their elf costumes and all of the other parts.  The story involved Father Christmas finding another list at the last minute and needing a glass slipper, a harp and a rolling pin.  The play was set in 3 different fairytales, Cinderella, Jack in the Beanstalk and The Gingerbread Man.  The play was very successful and all of the hard work put into it paid off.  Special thanks to all who donated to the raffle and have a very Merry Christmas!