Peace Day Procession – Friday 19th July – 5.30pm  

The Beer 2014 Group is working with Beer Primary School to mark the centenary of Peace Day on Friday 19th July with an event in the village.

On 19th July 1919, the nation celebrated Peace Day, to mark the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, which brought an official end to the First World War.  Up to that point there had only been an armistice, which simply brought a ceasefire rather than a peace agreement.  In Beer, there was a sports day, a church service and a procession through the village of men who had served in the armed forces or as merchant seamen during the war.

On Friday 19th July this year there will be a procession from the Primary School to St Michael’s Church to mark the centenary of Peace Day.  We hope that children from the school will take part, each carrying a card with the details of someone from the village who served in the armed forces, on merchant ships, as nurses or as Red Cross Volunteers in the military hospital which was set up at Ryalls Court in Seaton.  We hope that members of the original families will also take part. The procession will leave the Primary School at 5.30pm.

When the procession reaches the hardstanding at the foot of the Jubilee gardens (adjoining the RNLI hut), all of the names will be read, and we will observe one minute’s silence in their memory. This will be the first time that the contribution of all those who served will have been recognised, and will represent a full list of those who will eventually be commemorated by the Memorial Avenue of trees in the clifftop car park.  If the weather is bad, the reading of names will take place in the church.

We hope that as many people as possible will take part, either to watch or to join us in the procession, to honour everyone from the village who served during the First World War.

To coincide with the event, an exhibition will be held on Friday 19th and Saturday 20th July in St. Michael’s church, relating to the experiences of Beer residents in the First World War.

Richard Scott

Chair, Beer 2014 Group

Big Arts Week 2019

This week we celebrated Big Arts Week 2019.  There was a fantastic array of activities on offer for the children: in addition to working with school staff, the children had an opportunity to visit the ‘Story Boat’ for music and visual art activities and work with Rob Pudner from Entertainingly Different on performing art activities.  The older children also worked with Emma Molony on a form of art called ‘Gyotaku’.  This is a traditional Japanese method of printing fish which dates back to the mid 1800’s!  We’d like to say a huge thank you to Thelma Hulbert Gallery for their support this week as without them, the ‘Story Boat’ and printing activities would not have been possible.

Class 1 Pond Dipping Trip to Peco

Last Friday, Class 1 went pond dipping in Lake Charlotte at Peco. The weather was extremely kind to us and we benefitted from the wide knowledge of Kate Ponting, Countryside Learning Officer for Clinton Devon Estates. We were shown moths that Kate had caught previously and thought about the differences between moths and butterflies and looked at the abundance of wild flowers. Most excitement was generated by the pond dipping from which we found tadpoles, froglets, a newt and whirligig beetles amongst other creatures. When not pond dipping, the children had the opportunity to make a butterfly and explore the area. Great fun was had by all. A huge thank you to Kate Ponting and Peco for supporting this brilliant experience for the children.

Class 1 Athletics Festival

On Wednesday, Class 1 enjoyed a visit to Axe Valley to participate in an athletics festival.  There were a series of stations challenging children to practise their athletic skills such as long jump, javelin, relay, throwing at a target and aerobic jumping which certainly made them puff! They all worked really hard and their behaviour was a real credit to the school.  Once the scores were totted up, the Beer B team were declared the overall winners. Well done to all! Certificates will be presented at our Friday ‘thank you’ assembly.

Year 6 Residential and Year 5 Activity Days

The highlight for this week has been the Year 6 residential and Year 5 activity days.  The Year 6 children have experienced a variety of water based activities including stand up paddleboarding, kayaking and wayfarer sailing.  The evenings have been spent doing games on the beach, quizzes, sand castle competitions and a crabbing contest.  We have also been well looked after at meal times.  The sun shone throughout the stay and the smiles on the children’s faces were priceless.  Year 5 also had a great day tackling the junior Go-Ape course at Haldon forest.  There was a real sense of community with children working well with each other and with children from the Federation and they all offered support and encouragement to those that needed it to ensure everyone was able to overcome any anxieties and enjoy the experience.  Once they had conquered one tricky element, there was no hesitation in completing the course which was great to see.  Well done to all!

Quad Kids Athletics – Class 3

Ten children from Class 3 went to the Quad Kids athletics event at Colyton Grammar School on Thursday afternoon. They took part in a 50m sprint, 400m distance race, standing long jump and vortex throw. The event culminated with a 400m relay race, with everyone running a leg of the race. The children all did really well and enjoyed the range of activities on offer. It was lovely to hear them encouraging one another and being pleased with themselves for giving it their best effort!

Anglo Saxon Projects – Class 4

Over the last 6 weeks, Class 4 have been creating projects in groups about Anglo Saxons.  We each took a role that an Anglo Saxon would have done in their village such as blacksmith, carpenter, farmer and curist.  This week, we gathered our projects together and displayed them in the hall for the rest of the school to see.  When each class came into the hall it was very exciting as they were interested in our work and all the facts we have learned.  They all seemed to particularly enjoy the food that had been baked, such as honey shortbread, bread, apricot flapjack and cress.  By Jasmine and Bella

Beer Quarry Caves Trip – classes 1 & 2

Classes 1 & 2 enjoyed a visit to Beer Quarry Caves to find out about the formation and history of the caves and its link to smuggling. Having found out about how limestone is formed, hard hats were donned for a guided tour of the caves where they learned about how the caves have changed through the ages and how the rock was mined. They were amazed to hear that children, not much older than themselves, would have been working in the cold, damp, smoky conditions. We were fortunate to see bats hibernating and the children made their own model bats.  A great big thank you, to Karen and the team for making us so welcome and for providing a ‘mine’ of information!

We have had a fantastic time away on our residential at River Dart Country Park. When we arrived, the children did a series of activities on the adventure playground. After lunch, we all took part in raft building, learning how to tie various knots to hold the raft together. Then the children all got on their rafts and paddled in the lake, which was great fun!  In the evening, we went on a walk into the woods and built dens, toasted marshmallows and sang camp songs.
Today, we have climbed up poles, balanced along beams, built a tower out of crates and whizzed down a zip wire!
The children have behaved impeccably and have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience; the bunks in the dorms were great fun to sleep in! We have finally managed to wear them out, but everyone wanted to stay another day and the food was delicious!

Comic Relief 2019

Thank you for supporting this great cause and wearing red/non-uniform in return for a small donation.  We have counted the money from the sale of red noses and roughly totalled the donations – so far you have all helped to raise £291 (which includes £175 from red noses) – Well done everyone!  We still have this afternoon’s cake sale donation to add to this and will let you all know the final total next week.

Red Nose recycling – We will be collecting in any unwanted/broken red noses which will be taken to Sainsburys for recycling.