Parent Forum – Interim Reports

Thank you for the feedback received.

We are pleased that the interim reports have been well received. We also discussed the accompanying parent consultations, some parents felt they did not also need the consultation, whilst others still liked having them.  Other feedback included a desire to come in to see the work their child(ren) have completed.

If you have any feedback but were unable to attend yesterday’s forum, please email the office as we use all feedback to help shape what we do in future. Thanks!

World Book Day Celebrations 2017

What a fantastic day we have all had! The children looked wonderful in the array of Julia Donaldson inspired costumes. A whole range of activities has taken place including looking at punctuation, descriptive words, rhyming words and patterns in books, creating pictures of the characters, discussing what we know about the characters we are dressed as, role-playing some of the parts, creating our own stories (that might appear in ‘Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book’), talking about ideas of sharing and friendship linked to the story ‘Sharing a Shell’ and designing a broom!  If you get the chance when you are next in school, please take a look in the library which has been transformed into a Julia Donaldson woodland grotto featuring many of her best known characters!


Fossil Talk – Class 4

Today we learnt about fossils with Luca and Amelie’s mum, Bridget and Lyme Regis Museum worker, Chris Andrews. He brought loads of ammonites and dinosaur fossils and tons of fascinating facts. He said ammonites are believed to be squid with shells on them and two air holes to breathe! He said the biggest fossil he had ever found was an ichthyosaur that was about 4m. The biggest ammonite ever found was in Germany and was as tall at the school roof and about 5 tables long. There were lots of fun fossils and facts, I had a wonderful time listening to Chris and Bridget.  By Leo – class 4.

East Devon Hi 5’s Netball

On Wednesday a selection of the year 5/6 netball team attended the East Devon Finals competition at The Kings School, Ottery. This was in a bid to get through to represent East Devon at the Devon Finals.  Miss Studley and I are both extremely proud of the effort and determination demonstrated by all members of the team. Our first game was against Bassets Farm (who won the competition last year). Our defence was excellent, although Bassets kept pushing, but we fought back to gain possession of the ball. This unfortunately ended in a defeat, however the children kept their spirits high and against Uffcume produced some phenomenal netball play. It is a magical moment watching them demonstrate all the skills we have learnt from September with such ease. Although it was a close fight, with goal difference in mind, we made it out of the group stages and through to the quarter finals. Sadly this is where our journey ended with a 5-1 defeat against Plymtree. Although we only made it to the quarter finals, this is an amazing effort. We managed to maintain our ranking as one of the top 8 of 57 schools in East Devon!!  Please congratulate the children – not only did they represent our school well but they were also awarded The Spirit of the Games Award meaning that Beer are the Fair Play winners 2017.

Year 1 Dance Festival

On Tuesday morning, Year 1 went to Axe Valley for a dance festival organised by Miss Oxley.  During the morning, the children were split into groups for a carousel of activities included interpretations of different animals from the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. They all had a lovely time and behaved beautifully too.

Carol Service

The nativity service was a very fitting end to the term and reminds us that Christmas is a time for family and a time to count the gifts we have that money can’t buy. It is important to remember that it is thanks to the whole school community that we are able to enjoy events such as the Christmas play and nativity service and we really do appreciate the partnership we have with parents and the support they give.

Space Odyssey – Voyager Dome

On Wednesday 30th November we had a visit from the ‘Space Odyssey’ dome. Thank you very much to the PTFA who funded the event – all the children had the opportunity to experience the highly engaging and interactive presentation. The children entered the dome in complete darkness before being shown 360o projections on a range of space related themes. These included Tim Peake on
board the International Space Station; our solar system; phases of the moon and eclipses; constellations and they were even challenged to consider the possibility of life on other planets.
The children were enthralled and enthused with many ‘Ooh’s’, ‘Aah’s’ and ‘Wow’s’ heard coming from the dome. Simon, from Space Odyssey balanced interesting, factual knowledge with a lively, entertaining delivery which ensured all the children had a fantastic learning experience.

Yr 3 /4 Gymnastics Festival

On Thursday we went to a gymnastics festival at Colyton Grammar. It was really fun because we got to do all sorts of things like cart wheels and jumping. The best bit was when Charlotte
and I tried to stand up whilst having our arms linked together, we fell a few times but we did it in the end. I also liked when we had to walk across a bench. In the middle of the bench you had to spin around, get on the trampet and jump three times! I thought it was so good that I wished I could do it again. I couldn’t wait for the next gymnastics festival and I hope that it will be as good as this one! By Molly.

Children in Need

Many of the children (and staff!) came to school this morning dressed or decorated in spots of some sort, all in order to raise money for this worthy charity.  We have had a wonderful array

of cakes donated to sell at our cake stall later so many thanks to those that contributed to this. So far we have raised £120.