Sports Day 2018

Sports Day Roundup – By Daisy and Hope

This year was a great sports day.  All classes participated in the sprint and hurdle races.  For KS2, the fun races were skipping and sack.  For KS1, the fun races were sack and dressing up.  There was a round robin event which included football dribble, egg and spoon, obstacle course and javelin.  All children enjoyed themselves greatly.  There were joint winners for the houses and each house received a trophy.  In 3rd place was David, 2nd place was George and in 1st place was Patrick and Andrew.

Also there was a delicious cake sale set up by some parents.  Overall, the afternoon was a great success.


Tuesday saw the first of 2 rounders tournaments at Axe Valley with the year 5/6 team. They worked extremely hard as a team, encouraging and coaching each other from the sideline. During their first match against St Marys C team, Beer won 11.5 to 4.5. Their second match saw the competition against our partner school All Saints, it was a tough game with both teams working well, there was only 1 rounder round in it, with the final score 5.5 to 4.5. Finally, we faced Seaton, a team the children wanted to beat. They had to work extra hard and remember to hit the final post to make their rounders count. They won 9.5 to 5.5. I am really impressed with the sportsmanship demonstrated, as well as the triumphant rounders scored. Thank you to all the parents who came to support.

Cool Milk Prize

In the Autumn Term, we were invited to take part in a competition for ‘Cool Milk’. We had to send in a photo to publicise the milk which we have in school. Although we didn’t quite make the top three, the ‘Cool Milk’ company were so impressed with our ‘excellent’ photo they decided to give an extra prize and we were awarded £50. We have bought a chest with PE equipment to enjoy now the weather is better. Well done Class 1!

Easter Service

This week, the children have been busy preparing for the Easter Service and they certainly did not disappoint.  The BBC (Beer Broadcasting Corporation) had several roving reporters in Jerusalem who were able to guide us through the events leading up to the death and resurrection of Jesus.  The children were brilliant!  Many helped to act out the story whilst others were news reporters, eye witnesses or readers.  All the children sang beautifully; hearing them sing and seeing their enjoyment as they did so was lovely to see.  They couldn’t help but bring a smile to the faces of all those who were able to join us in church.  Happy Easter!

Reception – Parachute Festival

Reception had a great time at the parachute and skipping Festival on Wednesday morning at Axe Valley Academy. They were in small groups and supported by Axe Valley students to use a parachute in different ways such as keeping a ball on top, creating a ‘huddle’ to get everyone underneath and various skipping activities. The children all behaved very well throughout. Thank you very much to Florence’s and Johnny’s mum who came along to help.

Environmental Week – 12th – 16th March 2018

During the week, the children have created a flower garden to try and attract insects and other wildlife into the school grounds. We began by digging out the grass and preparing the ground for planting. Later, we positioned the flowers where we thought they would be best suited and, when we were happy that it looked good, we planted them. We have created a route into the garden and all the children have painted a pebble that will make up the pathway. In addition to this, the children have researched food webs and chains that we might find occurring in our flower garden once it has established. They have also created information boards that explain what you might see if you visit our garden. Well done to all the children who worked so hard during the week. We had a great time.

Super Sixes

We have introduced a new initiative to allow the year 6 children to work towards some greater responsibility within the school as they are the oldest and we expect them to set a good example to the other children. There is a list of responsibilities that the children need to model and demonstrate and when they do so consistently, the children are awarded ‘super six’ status.

I’m delighted to say that 4 of the year 6 pupils have earnt the privilege of being a super six. As this is a new responsibility for our year 6 children, they are very excited. All year 6 have the opportunity to become a super six by following our school rules, living our 6 values and being excellent learners. Our year 6 children know that it is a challenge to become a super six but even more of a challenge to maintain it. They lead by example and can be spotted as they wear a special badge. Well done to our first super sixes … Hope, Daisy, Sienna and Roman … we are very proud of you.

Willow Tunnel Maintenance

Last Friday, Richard Kerwood from Windrush Willow spent the day in school cutting back the overgrown willow structure to make way for a new structure.  During the afternoon, the children and parent helpers re-planted the off shoots, which will now grow into a new willow structure over the course of the summer season.  The volunteers then helped clear away most of the off cuts, leaving a remainder to be used in school for weaving and fence making in class 4’s topic.

Beach Visit Classes 1 & 2

We had a great time at the beach on Monday afternoon and the weather was very kind to us, if a bit chilly towards the end. We observed the weather and what the beach is like at this time of the year and particularly noticed what we needed to wear. We conducted a survey of what we could see on the beach and used seaweed, pebbles and driftwood to create pictures.  A great big thank to all the volunteers.

Class 3 – ‘Food Glorious Food’ Topic

Class 3 children were introduced to the topic ‘Food Glorious Food’ with a WOW lesson where they learnt about: food miles, locating countries on a map and working out damage points. There was even time left for the children to try all the fruits! On Wednesday, the children planted their own cress seeds and are excited to watch them grow over the coming weeks.