Class 2

Welcome to Class 2; a single year group of Year 2 children.

In Class 2, learning, in its broadest sense, is the key priority. We aim to ensure that the children are given every opportunity to achieve their best every day; so that their confidence and desire to succeed will grow, enabling them to fulfil their true potential as they continue their journey through school.  (Zachary: We do lots of fun school trips and our teachers are kind.)

It is our aim to nurture our children academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually; encouraging them to be curious, with a love of learning, and to provide them with a sense of aspiration that will prepare them well for life. Each child is valued, both as an individual, as well as a member of a team; this is reflected in our school values of Courage, Thoughtfulness, Thankfulness, Truthfulness, Humility and Friendship.  (Dolly: We care for each other.) (Eddie: You always have someone to play with.)

The core subjects are taught on a daily basis, through focused group and whole class activities. The children also have fun learning through play and investigation; working indoors and outdoors. We encourage independence, questioning, confidence and a desire to make decisions to drive their own learning forward.  (Olly: Our ‘Jobs to Do’ are fun and interesting.)

(Albie: I like doing Maths and fun Phonics and our teachers help us.) (Elijah: Please come to our class because it’s brilliant!)


Key information

Key activities Who is in Class 2 Home Learning
Monday Guided Reading, Maths Literacy, Phonics, RE, Rugby Tots(Autumn Half term)  Independent learning (Quests) Collective worship. Mrs Hawtin (all day)

Mrs Parkhouse (all day)

Tuesday Collective Worship, Maths Literacy, Phonics, Introduce weekly ‘Quests’. Independent learning,

LUNCH TIME – Craft/Sewing Club

Show and Tell, P.E.

Mrs Hawtin (am)

Mr Bailey &

Mrs Teasdale (pm)

Mrs Parkhouse(am)

Wednesday Collective Worship, Guided Reading, Maths Literacy, Phonics, Independent learning


Mrs Hawtin (all day)

Mrs Parkhouse (all day)

Homework handed in.
Thursday Collective Worship, Grammar, Mental maths, Independent learning, Phonics

PHSE, Music, Leap into Life, Special friend

Mrs Timmins (all day)


Friday Collective worship, Guided reading, Maths, English, Phonics,

Independent learning,

Reading buddies, Golden Time

Mrs Hawtin (all day)



Homework given out. Maths or Literacy-based.

See Curriculum Map link for our current Autumn Term topic.